Save the septic system.
Do NOT flush these items down your drain lines.

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Cat Litter, Kitty Litter

Chemicals – Ammonia, Bleach, Detergents (excess), Drain Cleaners (excess), Epsom Salts

Cigarettes, Cigarette Butts, Cigarette Filters

Clothes Dryer Sheets

Coffee Grounds

Cooking Oil

Cotton Swabs, Dental Floss

Diapers, Baby Wipes


Drugs, antibiotics, Perscription Medicines
Fats, Oil, Grease

Food Scraps, Ground Food


Latex: Condoms, Gloves, Similar Products

Laundry Detergent (excess)

Motor Oil

Panty Liners

Paper Towels


Photo Chemicals

Plastic Bags

Sanitary Napkins

Swimming Pool Chemicals


Trash, Toys and Scrap

Washing Machine Lint

Water in large quantities

Cat Litter, Kitty Litter: NEVER

Chemicals – Ammonia, Bleach, Detergents (excess), Drain Cleaners (excess), Epsom Salts: NEVER

Cigarettes, Cigarette Butts, Cigarette Filters: NEVER

Clothes Dryer Sheets: NEVER

Coffee Grounds: NEVER

Cooking Oil: NEVER

Cotton Swabs, Dental Floss: NEVER

Diapers, Baby Wipes: NEVER


Drugs, antibiotics, Perscription Medicines: NEVER

Fats, Oil, Grease: NEVER

Food Scraps, Ground Food: NEVER


Latex – Condoms, Gloves, Similar Products: NEVER

Laundry Detergent (excess): Moderation

Motor Oil: NEVER

Panty Liners: NEVER

Paper Towels: NEVER

Pesticides: NEVER

Photo Chemicals: NEVER

Plastic Bags: NEVER

Sanitary Napkins NEVER

Swimming Pool Chemicals: NEVER

Tampons: NEVER

Trash, Toys, and Scrap: NEVER

Washing Machine Lint: Better Not

Water in large quantities: NEVER

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