Basic Craneable Portable Restroom

Basic Craneable Portable Restroom

Our Basic Portable Restroom is designed for everyone on your job site. If you need one or more construction site toilets, this is a perfect choice.

Perfect for: Construction

Product Features and Dimensions

  • 1 Toilet and urinal
  • 1 Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
  • Available with a crane hook for easy mobility on high-rise job sites
  • “Women-only” unit available upon request
  • Dimensions: 7’6″H x 3’7″W x 4’L
  • Weekly routed cleaning service. Units include large commercial tissue dispensers, wall mounted hand sanitizers and mirrors.

Products and colors may vary and are subject to availability.

Construction Site Usage Chart

Based on 8 hours per day / 40 hours per work week

Number of Workers Number of Units
1-10 1
11-20 2
21-30 3
31-40 4
Over 40 1 Additional for Every 10 Workers